Mrs. Vingerber’s is devoted to offering our customers the best ever in pure, delicious sweets of all varieties: custom wedding cakes, special event cakes, old fashioned pies, dessert bars, and cookies. Our sweets will delight your taste buds with memories from the past.

Mrs. Vingerber was actually born 45 years ago in the imagination of Maria Harris, owner and baker. When she was four years old, Maria found a Y-shaped branch from a large, ancient oak. For reasons known only to a four year-old, she named it “Mrs. Vingerber” and treated it as she did her beloved toys and dolls.

Mrs. Vingerber became her personal symbol of things that were good and satisfying, and the branch gave her a warm feeling when she needed a little boost to make her day better.

Today, Mrs. Vingerber still brings delight to people of all ages. She gives everyone who tries her sweets a warm and satisfying feeling. We guarantee it!

Pssst! A little secret: later in life, Maria revealed the source of Mrs. Vingerber’s name. her mother had repeatedly read Maria the story of “Mrs. Vinegar”, which Maria loved but could not pronounce. when she tried to say it, it always came out as vingerber. Now you know the secret!

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